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Upcoming events

    • 06/07/2024
    • 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    • The Embassy Suites by Hilton Berkeley Heights


    NJIPLA is pleased to announce our
    Jefferson Medalist
    Hon. Stanley R. Chesler
    District Judge 
    United States District Court for the District of New Jersey

    We hope you can join us as we honor
    the Honorable Stanley R. Chesler
    with the 
    Jefferson Medal at our annual dinner to be held at: 
    The American Beauty Ballroom at the 
    Embassy Suites by Hilton in Berkeley Heights, NJ.

    Early-Bird Registration ends April 30.

         Before April 30      After May 1  
    Member   $275.00      $315.00  
    Member & Guest  $515.00      $595.00  
    Non-Member   $420.00   $475.00  
    Member *Table for 10      $2,900.00      $3,400.00  
    Non-Member Table for 10   $3,250.00   $3,750.00  
    Congratulatory Notice   $450.00    
    Sponsorship   $2,000.00    
    Happy Hour Sponsorship   $5,000.00   

    *Table for 10 Reservation

    A table has a total of 10 seats, which includes 1 seat reserved for an Honored Guest. NJIPLA does not guarantee an Honored Guest at each table. The Honored Guest may also bring a guest, and if so, NJIPLA will add a seat to your table at no additional cost. Your firm's 9 Guest Names for the table must be provided by May 17, 2024. 

    *Member Rate

    Firms must have at least one active member to qualify for the member rate.  

    Exclusive Happy Hour Sponsorship - SOLD* $5,000.00

    This year, one firm will receive an opportunity to sponsor the Happy Hour Reception at the 2024 Jefferson Medal Dinner. Benefits include acknowledgement of sponsorship during the Happy Hour Cocktail and the event welcome remarks, recognition in our pre-event emails, logo and link on the NJIPLA website, a Congratulatory Notice, and much more.

    *Exclusive Happy Hour Sponsorship is available to one firm, company, or vendor only. For further information, please reach out to 

    Sponsorship $2,000.00
    NJIPLA is pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities for our 2024 Jefferson Medal Dinner. Benefits are recognition in our pre-event emails, logo and link on the NJIPLA website, includes a Congratulatory Notice, acknowledgement of sponsorship during the event welcome remarks, and much more.

    Congratulatory Notice $450.00
    Congratulatory artwork must be submitted to no later than May 3, 2024. All submissions are subject to the review and approval of NJIPLA in its sole discretion.

    Specification - Size: 6' W x 9' H Color: Black/White only, Artwork Format: PDF. Limit 1 page per firm/company.

    Content is limited to appropriate expression of honor to the Jefferson Medal award recipient:

    • No commercial content, tag lines or promotional language
    • No photos or stock photography
    • No individual names of company personnel
    • No e-mail addresses
    • Firm logo and website address permitted

    Free self-parking. Park in the rear to easily access the main entrance to the Reception and American Beauty Ballroom (Level 2).

    Refund / Cancellation Policy
    No refunds or cancellations after April 30. Dinner reservations are transferable.

      Happy Hour Sponsor 
      USA for UNFPA on X: "A huge thank you to Groombridge, Wu, Baughman & Stone LLP, our Her. Now! Global Visionary Sponsors. We so appreciate your partnership in advancing the health, rights



    Past events

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    06/09/2023 2023 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    05/18/2023 2023 Patent Litigation Seminar
    12/20/2022 A Fresh Look at Chemical and Pharmaceutical Selection Inventions: U.S. and European Perspectives
    11/30/2022 Bias: Everyone Has It, Now What?
    11/02/2022 Recent Critical Changes in European and Canadian Patent Practice
    09/27/2022 Assignor Estoppel Since the Supreme Court: One Year After Minerva Surgical, Inc. v. Hologic, Inc.
    09/20/2022 The Power of Section 337 Investigations
    09/13/2022 Recent Case Law Developments Involving Method-of-Treatment Patents
    09/06/2022 Forum Shopping and Judge Shopping in Patent Litigation
    06/15/2022 38th Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
    06/10/2022 2022 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    03/02/2022 PTAB Judicial Panel
    02/23/2022 Ramifications of Arthrex on Practice Before the PTAB
    02/16/2022 Latest Trends and Strategic Considerations for Biotech Patent Challenges at the PTAB
    02/09/2022 The Interplay Between IPRs and District Court Litigation: Strategies and Lessons
    12/15/2021 When Worlds Collide: Patenting Software related to Medical Devices
    12/08/2021 Making Your List & Checking It Twice: Considerations for Orange Book Listing in light of Recent Court Decisions
    11/03/2021 Embrace the New Changes – Pharmaceutical Patent Protection in China
    10/27/2021 Legal Ethics and Telecommuting
    07/01/2021 Non-Member: Missed a Webinar? $45 Access to 2021 and 2020 Recordings
    06/16/2021 Has Assignor Estoppel outlived its Usefulness?
    06/02/2021 2021 Annual Joint Patent Practice CLE Webinar Series
    05/26/2021 The Limits of Zealous Representation: Exceptional Case, Patent Misuse, and Antitrust
    05/12/2021 How not to be an enabler: The implications of Amgen v. Sanofi and Regeneron for antibody claims and beyond
    04/28/2021 Riding the 101 Wave – The Ebb and Flow of Patent Eligibility in the Courts and the PTO
    04/14/2021 The requirement for sufficiency: how much is enough to enable claims to a range of products? Recent guidance from the UK Supreme Court in Regeneron v Kymab
    03/15/2021 2020 at the Supreme Court: How the court impacted patent law despite issuing only a single patent case opinion
    02/17/2021 The Impact of PTAB Proceedings on Bio/Pharma Litigation and Strategy
    02/10/2021 Strategies to Leverage Recent PTAB Precedential Decisions
    02/03/2021 Amending Patent Claims in PTAB Proceedings
    01/27/2021 Examining the Latest Developments on the PTAB’s Use of Discretionary Denials
    12/16/2020 Remote at the Federal Circuit, But Central to Pharma: Meeting the Enablement Requirement for Biotech Patents
    12/09/2020 Structuring Biotech & Pharma Startup Portfolios for Global Impact, Value, and Partnering
    11/18/2020 Professional Responsibility and Practice Before the USPTO
    10/07/2020 SPCs in Europe: News and Updates - All You Need to Know
    09/30/2020 Presenting Before a District Court: The Importance of Being Earnest
    08/25/2020 Recent Developments in Inducement and Divided Infringement
    08/11/2020 Diagnosing what Ails Patent Eligibility: Can this Problem be Solved?
    07/21/2020 A Behind the Scenes Look at a Supreme Court Argument and a Biotech Jury Trial
    07/14/2020 Willful Infringement: Acts of Piracy
    06/30/2020 Written Description and Enablement Issues in Pharma/Bio Patents – Latest Developments
    06/16/2020 Patent Cases at the Supreme Court: From Petitions to CVSGs to Arguments, and Everything in Between
    06/05/2020 2020 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    01/23/2020 PTAB Year-in-Review
    11/20/2019 33rd Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    10/28/2019 The Power of Silence: Negotiation Table and Courtroom Survival
    09/17/2019 An Overview of Section 337 Investigations Before The U.S. International Trade Commission
    06/07/2019 2019 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    05/02/2019 Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
    04/30/2019 Digging Into the Weeds of the Supreme Court’s Funk Brothers Case to Dig Out of 101 Ineligibility?
    04/18/2019 Three in One: Global Patent Trials
    03/19/2019 Patent Litigation Seminar
    12/06/2018 Ethics in IP
    11/07/2018 32nd Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    10/25/2018 Partner Event: The New York Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation 1st Annual Diversity Scholarship Event
    06/08/2018 2018 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    05/02/2018 Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
    04/18/2018 NJIPLA & NYIPLA Trade Secrets / Cybersecurity Protecting Your Corporate Client's Information
    03/14/2018 Patent Litigation Seminar
    11/08/2017 31st Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    09/18/2017 Blockchain Technology: The Legal Landscape And How It Will Change Everything
    06/09/2017 2017 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    04/27/2017 Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
    03/16/2017 Patent Litigation Seminar
    02/16/2017 NJIPLA Roundtable: Important IP legal Issues facing Medical Device Companies
    12/08/2016 NJIPLA & NYIPLA Joint Program: Ethics Issues in IP Practice
    11/02/2016 30th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    06/10/2016 2016 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    05/11/2016 Screens, Conflicts, and the Ethical Patent Practice
    04/21/2016 Thirty-Second Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
    03/16/2016 Patent Litigation Seminar
    01/14/2016 13th Annual Lecture Series
    12/02/2015 The New World Order –– Current Developments in Challenging and Defending Patents in the PTAB
    11/12/2015 Fifth Annual NJIPLA: Electronics, Telecom & Software Patent Practice Update
    10/22/2015 29th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    06/05/2015 2015 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    05/12/2015 JPPCLE
    04/07/2015 IPLS / NJIPLA 2015 Spring Symposium: Meet & Greet
    03/18/2015 Patent Litigation Seminar
    02/12/2015 Intellectual Property Protection in China From A to Z
    12/10/2014 Ethics in IP
    11/06/2014 Electronics, Telecom & Software Patent Practice Update
    10/22/2014 28th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    10/07/2014 12th Annual Fall Lecture Series
    09/18/2014 "Recent US Supreme Court Decisions on Patent Law and the Influence on Current Patent Practice and Potential US Patent Law Reform"
    06/06/2014 The 2014 Jefferson Medal Dinner
    04/23/2014 30th Annual JPPCLE
    03/31/2014 Young Lawyers Networking Event
    03/12/2014 Patent Litigation Seminar
    02/06/2014 Branding and Brand Protection in Digital Media
    12/11/2013 27th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    11/12/2013 Third Annual Electronics, Telecom and Software Patent Practice Update
    09/26/2013 Conducting IP Due Diligence in a Post-AIA Era
    05/09/2013 Update on Biopharma IP Issues in Growth Markets: Russia, China, India, Korea and Brazil
    03/13/2013 2013 Patent Litigation Seminar
    01/24/2013 Second Annual Electronics, Telecom and Software Patent Practice Update
    12/05/2012 26th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    04/26/2012 Patent Litigation at the ITC
    03/14/2012 2012 NJIPLA Patent Litigation Seminar
    02/07/2012 The Inside Track to the Proposed Rules for Implementation of the America Invents Act
    01/18/2012 Biopharma IP Issues in Emerging Markets: Brazil and India
    12/07/2011 25th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
    11/09/2011 Electronics, Telecom and Software Patent Practice Update
    12/08/2010 Chief Patent Counsel Roundtable and Honorable William G. Young's Keynote Address Help Make 24th Annual PCPPU a Success
    03/08/2010 Patent Litigation Seminar
    12/09/2009 23rd Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update

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